Master Classes

  • Thursday, June 20

    9:00 AM

    Session 6

    10:00 AM

    Session 7

    11:00 AM

    Session 8

    11:45 AM

    Lunch Break

    1:30 PM


    2:00 PM

    Masterclass 3

    3:00 PM

    Masterclass 4

    4:00 PM

    Dinner Break

    7:00 PM

    Session 9

  • "Master Class" sessions are happening in FOUR streams.

    Creative Next Gen Pastoral Worship & Production

    Each stream will have FOUR sessions.

    RD 1

    WED 2PM

    RD 2

    WED 3PM

    RD 3

    THU 2PM

    RD 4

    THU 3PM


    Creative Lab
    RD 1


    Crafting your culture by establishing who you are.

    RD 2


    Q&A Session with Whit George

    RD 3


    Crafting your language by defining what you say.

    RD 4


    Crafting your image by developing what people see.

    Next Gen

    The Hub
    RD 1

    Keys to a Strong Student Ministry

    RD 2

    Building a Kids Ministry that Builds the Church

    RD 3

    College & Young Adult Ministry

    Helping you to reach ages 18-30 whether you're looking for your first step or next step.

    RD 4

    Five Responsibilities For A Next Gen Leader


    RD 1

    Strategizing for Growth

    Session PDF

    RD 2

    Next Steps & Encounters

    RD 3

    How to Train Up Leaders

    Session PDF

    RD 4

    Team Building

    Session PDF

    Worship & Production

    B-Kids Room
    RD 1

    Worship: Let's Talk Weekends

    RD 2

    Production: Clarity, Tensions, and Culture

    RD 3

    Worship: From the Week to the Weekend

    RD 4

    Production: Next Level Services

Moving into 2020, Next Is Now becomes not just a banner over us, but a charge within us.
God’s vision for multiplication and discipleship starts here and now.

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