Building Teams: The Game Plan

Pastoral Master Class (RD 4)

Cardiff Booth, Tomorrow Spann, Simon Hebert

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How to Train Up the Next Leader

Pastoral Master Class (RD 3)

Cameron & Melissa Wiggins, Blake Campbell

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The Power of Heart Connection

Session Notes
Pastor Larry Stockstill

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Is Jesus Your Shepherd?

Session Notes
Pastor Joel Stockstill

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Strategize for Healthy Growth

Pastoral Master Class (RD 1)

Wayne Brown, Mario Spann, Cardiff Booth

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Creative: Team Overview

Tools and technology the creative team uses.

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Creative: Branding Guide

Our internal branding guide.

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Moving into 2020, Next Is Now becomes not just a banner over us, but a charge within us.
God’s vision for multiplication and discipleship starts here and now.

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