Who can attend Bethany Conference?

This conference is designed for all of those working or volunteering for ministry for the local church. An entire church staff and / or volunteer leaders are welcomed to attend. Bring key volunteers, administrators, worship and musician teams, and pastoral staff or volunteers. We highly believe there is something for EVERY person of your team to receive to take back to your local church.

Where will the Conference be held and the time frame?

Bethany Church South Campus - 10877 Reiger Road, Baton Rouge, 70809 Bethany Conference will kick off with a main session on Tuesday night, continue all day Wednesday and Thursday, and end on Thursday night. We will also have an afterparty available on Wednesday night!

What is the best airport to use?

Two airports are available for your choice- Baton Rouge Metropolitan Airport approximately 20 minutes from Bethany Church South Campus- or New Orleans International Airport approximately 55 minutes from the Bethany Church South Campus.

Will childcare be provided?

Families are extremely important to us. We will have our nursery/kids staff and volunteers available to take care of your newborns, toddlers, and children ages 5-10. We also will have a nursing mothers room available at all times. Registration for your child is available through our website.

Are meals included at conference?

We want you to experience the fullness of Baton Rouge! We will have extended lunch and dinner breaks, so that you and your team can try some of Baton Rouge's local places to eat. Be sure to check out some of our favorites on bethanyconference.com/city.

BETHANY CONFERENCE                 c/o 2020                 BRINGING ALL PEOPLE                 BETHANY CONFERENCE                 c/o 2020                 BRINGING ALL PEOPLE

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