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Bethany Conference: Next is Now
June 18-20, 2019

Have you ever considered what’s next for your church’s leadership in the coming years? If you’re like most pastors, big change is not only hard to embrace, but it’s something you’d rather not think about. As a church that started more than 50 years ago, we have seen a leadership transition occur, not once, but twice. With each passing of the torch, we can confidently say that Bethany Church has been able to develop and grow in ways that no one had ever envisioned.

All too often, this “changing of the guard” gives way to a variety of problems and unintended consequences. That’s why this summer our church is hosting a conference on effective transition in church leadership from one generation to the next. From June 18-20, you’ll get real answers on how to handle the tough questions about transitional ministry. At Bethany Conference, you will hear practical, valuable insight on how to mobilize the next generation in your church. In order to see Godly legacies continue in our churches, we must prepare for this change that will inevitably come. Start TODAY in asking God how He would use you to empower the next generation of your church’s leadership.

Let us move forward to what’s next - next for ourselves, next for our churches, and next for God’s kingdom.


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